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The Meaning of
Our Brand

Our goal is to produce quality, not quantity.

We specialize in grooming poodles, doodles, hand stripping coats, and cats. Each of our staff members undergoes special training before they begin their job. We advocate for the humane treatment of all pets.

OEG's goal is to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere for the pets and people who come to visit. Delivering professionalism, gentle touch, and knowledge, OEG developed a reputation of a high-end professional salon. Also, OEG is The Best Puppy's one stop shop! We guarantee to spend as much time as needed until your dog feels relaxed and enjoys the grooming process. OEG's team performs in the latest innovations of the grooming industry and brings quality to what they do, and is guaranteed to put the health of your beloved pet above all else.

Meet the
Business Owner

 OEG founder Oksana Fagenboym

Oksana came to the US in 1997 from Ukraine. She has a BS degree in teaching. So with love and passion to work with parents and their children, she switched from teaching to the pet grooming industry, finding lots of similarities and connections there. 

Oksana works to build strong supportive relationships with people through their animals. Animals give us the knowledge of unconditional love that we as people start to lose. She believes that love for our pets can unite all of us. Oksana is a "dog whisperer", as her clients call her. She has a natural gift and connection with animals that she uses to help people take better care of their pets.

In 2005, Oksana Fagenboym, established a beautiful workplace necessary for the art of grooming, Oksana Elegant Grooming Pet Salon.

In 2022, Oksana Elegant Grooming move to a new location in Glenview, Oakland, CA and operates under OEG Pet Salon. Oksana wants a place where everyone loves to come to work, and a place where pet owners feel taken care of and assured that their pets are in loving hands. As the owner, she wants to feel positive change in the life of each PET that enters OEG’s doors.

Oksana actively raises and shows Standards Poodles under the Rock'NRolla Poodles, AKC registered kennel name. At home she is a wife, mother, grandmother and a caring daughter for her elderly mom. Read more about RockhNRolla poodles here.

Oksana Fagenboym

Oksana  Fagenboym
Oksana and Pet Name
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