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Welcome to OEG Pet Salon!

Glenview, Oakland  510.612.5027

The best trusted grooming service in the Bay Area SF!

Conveniently located in Glenview, 1310 Glenfield Avenue, Oakland, CA 94602


Our Brand

Established in 2005.

OEG (Oksana Elegant Grooming) was founded in San Ramon, CA., by Oksana Fagenboym. OEG brings a fresh perspective to pet grooming.


We take pleasure in spoiling our four-legged clients as if they were our own. For us, the relationships we build and the satisfaction we deliver, truly embody the meaning of a family business. From shampoos, haircuts to exotic styling, pedicures, skin care with moisturizing treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great! 

Book an appointment for your furry friend today, and ensure they leave looking and feeling fabulous

Our Services

We welcome dogs and cats of all breeds!
We customize each service based on the coat and skin condition of your pet, its temperament, behavior, and a personal preference in style. We always have multiple hands on deck, and work in a focused environment. Your dog will love the full attention it gets.  We kindly ask to give us 2-4 hours to complete a service.


All services are priced according to a $100 per hour labor rate. Prices are based on the amount of time needed to complete a grooming. For example, small breeds of dogs hair cuts take 60-90 min to complete. Large breeds trim takes 1.5 hour or 3 hours. Time will change and additional fees may be applied due to coat matting, long & heavy overdue coats, and temperament behaviors or special TLC needs (more information under Salon Policy


*Please bring current completed Vaccination Records including Proof of Rabies Vaccination.


Love and pampering are always FREE.

Premium sPAW Grooming Packages to choose from:


Add On & Walk In Services

Pricing below are Add On or Walk-In Only Services and without a bath.

Prices are subject to change and additional fees may be applied to any service due to long & heavy overdue coats, and temperament behaviors. We have the right to refuse ANY service.
We require current completed Vaccination Records including Proof of Rabies Vaccination

Add Ons

Teeth Brushing & Fresh Breath Spray $10

Medicated/Specialty Shampoo $5 - $40

Express Grooming $40
Cage Free Grooming $15
Pawdicure $25
Tick Removal $5 per tick
Bitch In Heat $25
All Day Fee $40
De-Matting Tangles $5 - $200

Walk Ins

Dog Nail Trim/Nail Grind $20+

(Two persons handling +$20)
Cat Nail Trim Up to $30
Anal Glands Only $25
Sanitary Only Trim $25+
Ear Only Plucking/Trim/Clean $25+
Trim Poodle Feet Only $50-$95

Brush Out Only $1/min

De-Shedding $20 - $50

Can be added
to any package

No appointments

Salon's Policy

Our Photo Gallery


Client Testimonials

Your Referrals Are The Best Compliment We Could Hope To Receive

Jasper, my Scottish terrier, loves his groomer! When we are even a block away, he'll start crying and getting excited to see all his pals at Pet Image. Once, when I came in to pay, Jasper was still getting his nails trimmed and I looked back to see him lean in and give Oksana a kiss on the nose! Trimming nails is usually a scary thing but the people at pet image have helped me train Jasper to be very trusting. I'm so grateful for the folks at Pet Image because of this. His best pal there is his groomer Corrine. Jasper gets hand stripped and she does an amazing job with his beautiful brindle coat.

I love this place so much. It's hard to find people that know how to take care of rabbits in a grooming place. All of our bunnies and dogs have been seen by Corinne. She always does the best work, even with our puppy that gave her a hard time because he's a puppy. Both of our dogs have sensitive skin and she recommended us products to help them out. She also gave us some spray for our Maltese poodle and he's been loving it! She has so many different remedies for different things. She's an essential part of our pets lives.

I have been coming to this salon for the past year.   I am very particular who grooms Fiona since she has some special needs, and she is really big! Corinne has exceeded my expectations. She knows what I want, she adapts to Fiona's  needs and she is extremely flexible with timing since I do not like to leave Fiona for more than 4 hours. Corinne's attention to detail is always on point and my husband and I are always so thrilled when we see the final results. And more importantly, Fiona never seems stressed after a grooming. I am 100% comfortable leaving her. Don't hesitate to visit Pet Image. They are fantastic and especially Corinne!


How To Find Us

 1310 Glenfield Ave, Oakland, CA 94602 

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